Lord Enaran Thul

Human male with a guarded expression


Appears to be in his early 20’s or late teens with brown hair and blue eyes, 6 feet tall roughly 190 lbs in excellent shape.

(character image: Oliver Jackson-Cohen)


Scion of House Thul of Alderaan. Former member of the Republic Diplomatic Corps and attache in the Office of the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

It is now know to some that Lord Thul was an operative of the Supreme Chancellor. House Thul’s ambition pushed Enaran into Palpatine’s service but Supreme Chancellor played on Enaran’s patriotism and fears of anarchy and the dissolutionment of the Galactic Republic to turn him to the Dark Side of the Force.

It was by luck or providence that Palpatine wanted Enaran to turn or kill the Jedi General Keris Voltarn and this set him on the path to redemption. Instead of turning Keris, it appears Keris turned Enaran. Keris and Enaran were on the run for some time and eventually, Keris died at the hands of Imperial Inquisitors.

“For over a thousand generations, the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the Republic. Now the Order has be sundered and the survivors are hunted to the far corners of the Galaxy…We have been hunted to the far corners and I am in no small part responsible. I made him a promise, I would do everything I could to help the last of the Jedi. I only hope we can warn them in time.”
Lord Enaran Thul to his factotum Torus Aiday

Enaran apparently attempted to help the remaining Jedi escape the Empire’s clutches and seemingly paid the ultimate price for betraying the Emperor.

Enaran is now apparently the last surviving son of Duke Urien Thul and his wife Duchess Jehanne nee Panteer. His eldest brother Aldric was killed at the end of the Clone Wars and his second brother Drustan died under suspicious circumstances.

Lord Enaran Thul

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