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(Character creation session in Natick on 2015-03-22 at 14:00.)

You awoke naked into confusion, the sound of alarm klaxons, the smell and taste of Bacta. Flashing red lights strobed intermittently, through the darkness and smoke, filtering through the cracked transparent aluminum medical cylinder.

Half-naked, groggy, and confused you follow the emergency lighting down steel-grate-lined corridors. You pass what look like medical bays, classrooms, gymnasiums, and shooting ranges — all on fire, or collapsing into the roiling sea below.

You can clearly remember who you are, what your life was like, where you were going— but your body seems strangely too young [or too fully grown, depending], and it will soon become apparent that you’ve slept for many years.

Eventually, you and other apparent test subjects / medical patients / stasis travelers reach an all-but-empty hanger with a single light freighter and an astromech droid. [The name of the vessel is the Golden Badger; it is painted black with a pair of broad bronzeish-gold racing stripes.]

After take-off, as your body finishes flushing the last of the drugs from your system, and you and your fellow passengers examine your meager resources, you all have to decide where to go next.

(Characters date from before ABY 1, i.e., Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Play starts in ABY 3, roughly a year before Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.)

Everyone is encouraged to play force adepts, likely a Padawan, Rogue force user, or (clone of a) deceased Jedi. (You can’t play a darksider, unless you plan to be heavily reformed.)

We will be using Adrian’s modified West-End rules (i.e., not D20).

For now, just work on your concept (and email me any questions.)


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