I want to include events characters would remember from their respective points in galactic history here, so after we know “who you were”, I’ll likely wish to add additional detail.

  • Before the founding of the (Old) Republic (ancient history)
  • After the founding of the (Old) Republic (“AD”)
  • After the Ruusan Reformation (most frequently used epoch date during the period of time leading up to Palpatine’s New Order, and still in use at that time.)
  • The Imperial calendar, not entirely adopted, but on all the official paperwork (epoch date is 19 BBY; to convert ABY to imperial, subtract/add 19 to the BBY/ABY date)
  • After Battle of Yavin (ABY) — epoch date for the New Republic (which hasn’t been formed yet); end of Star Wars IV: A New Hope. In other words, the rebels post-date their calendar when they finally form a government.

Game begins in ABY 3, roughly coincident with Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back — Episode VI: Return of the Jedi won’t be for another year yet, assuming the timeline runs to course.

Characters are expected to be “from” before ABY 1 — theoretically, they can have heard of the destruction of Alderaan and the first death star.

25,783 BBY – founding of the Jedi order on Tython (succeeding the Je’daii)
25,130 BBY – Xim the Despot founds his pocket empire around the Tion system
25,053 BBY – founding of the Galactic Republic
7,000 BBY – beginning of chain of events that lead to the Sith
4,415 BBY – birth of Freedon Nadd
4,400 BBY – birth of Naga Sadow
3,996 BBY – physical death of Exar Kun
3,956 BBY – events of SWTOR 1, attack by resurgent Sith empire, etc.
3,951 BBY – events of SWTOR 2, the Exile, etc.
3,643 BBY – events of SWTOR MMO (Malgus, etc.)
1,026 BBY – birth of Darth Bane, the Sith’ari
1,000 BBY – Ruusan Reformation of the Galactic Republic
46 BBY – Loss of the Katana Fleet
44 BBY – Stark Hyperspace War
32 BBY – Invasion of Naboo / Episode II
19 BBY – Dissolution of the Galactic Republic / Episode III
o BBY – Destruction of the first Death Star / Episode IV
1 BBY – events of Dark Forces
3 BBY – The Present / Coincident with Episode V


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