Character Creation

(Characters date from before ABY 1, i.e., Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Play starts in ABY 3, roughly a year before Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.)


Everyone is strongly encouraged to play force sensitives, although you aren’t necessarily a force adept or Jedi. It is great if you want to play a rogue force user, padawan, (possible clone of) a deceased Jedi, etc. You can’t play a darksider, unless you plan to be heavily reformed. You will have a few dice of force powers, but it may come as news to you that you have them. What this means is, character concepts like “high stakes gambler” or “Corellian Smuggler” are fine. (Still, from the standpoint of game balance, you’ve all got access to Force Powers, which is important from a power-curve perspective.)

Everyone is encouraged to play force adepts, likely a Padawan, Rogue force user, or (clone of a) deceased Jedi. (You can’t play a darksider, unless you plan to be heavily reformed.)

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This is a link to the rules we’ll be using (The primary author of these modified WEG rules is Adrian.)

This is an engineered character sheet, created by our mutual acquaintance.

(To accommodate starting with force powers, set Attributes to 27 and Skills to 21; this corresponds to 4 dice of force powers plus attributes of 24 plus skills of 20.)

commentary on character generation

  • Distribute 24 dice over 8 attribute (one die splits into 3 pips)
  • Humans have a 4D Max/ 2D mIn (starting)
  • Determine “trained” skills (3 plus one for every pip past 2D, for each attribute). Even if you assign no points to these skills, you’ll have them at your attribute level. (This should work out to having roughly 48 skills written on your sheet)
  • Add 20D of skills — 10D in “lifetime/background” skills, 10D in “career” skills. Usually, this means 10D of combat and 10D of non-combat skills.
  • Add four force dice, no more than 2D in any one force power
  • There exists a merits/flaws system (Overview, advantages, disadvantages)
  • If you’re playing some kind of alien, we should discuss how many attribute points you get

attributes and skills

Character Creation

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