Kamino Sunrise


Our session began with Alana waking up Elizara with blood streaming down the side of her head. Other heroes were alerted, as were medical personnel. Alana was manifesting powerful T/K while unconscious, and was sedated before she ruptured the hull or something.

As we might expect, the brain and wound were carefully scrutinized. The bit of “brain” was in-fact a bio-chip— alien cells assembled into a functional device which mimicked the functionality of circuitry, along with a small mass of cells of foreign human DNA, swaddled in other cells to further prevent rejection.

The only other party member who had a similar head chip was Elizara. Removing it was very tricky. For an instant, when it was being removed, she attracted the attention of Palpatine, who made her a dark offer not to her liking, and nearly fried her with lightning.

They told the Rebels about the head chips. They weren’t amused.

An Arkanian doctor, Dr. Bute Fache, was brought in to consult on the situation. (Unsurprisingly, he and Narkin didn’t get along well, although he did give Narkin a shield generator— one with sterility as a likely side-effect.) Bute Fache also indicated that the most likely reason for variant ages among our heroes was midichlorian manipulation (which should be impossible).

Visions of possible futures:

  • Luke confronts his father on Tatoine. Luke almost beats Vader, but is (literally) stabbed in the back by a woman (Mara Jade).
  • Luke and his father confront Palpatine on the New Death Star (whose location they work out). Together, they defeat him, and express their intentions to rule the galaxy together as father and son (with the shiny new Death Star)
  • Luke, Vader, and a third party dogfighting in the Alderanian asteroid field, when a third party intervenes.

(I think I’m missing some details from these, but they were understood to be changeable futures.)

They told the Rebels about the new Death Star. They weren’t amused.

They consulted the holocron a lot. Eventually, Jolee decided they should talk to someone else from the holocron… Revan.

Revan listened to the problem, asked where they were, (etc.), and recommended they intervene. Towards that end, he suggested they bring a crew of at least 20 as well as food and supplies to a particular location (defined by orbital parameters around the galactic core, not too far from Aubek cluster, and very far from everything else.)

At the coordinates, they came upon a brown dwarf with a single moon. Around that scarred moon, they found a ship. (Specifically, it was the Derriphan III, a Derriphan Sith .)

The ship was powered down, and had a very unusual hyperdrive (e.g., it might employ a black hole, or a sphere of annihilation, or something similar). Importantly, the ancient vessel was also very fast. (Interior design cues: gothic-modern. exterior design cues: brutalist-gothic.)

With their Rebel droids and the ship’s own complement of automation droids, and the Rebel crew, they got the Derriphan III running quite swiftly, considering her long stasis.

The flight in-galaxy took over a month, during which our heroes trained in the force and studied the holocron. (In the process, Lord Thul was granted access to another persona, who could share teachings with him more aligned with his area of interest.)

Known personas inside the holocron:

Our heroes also discussed where and how they would or could best intervene.

… Tatoine …

Apparently, Luke decided to ambush Vader out by Old Ben’s cave; he rigged it with some kind of trap, but nobody stumbled into it. Possibly, Luke isn’t very good at non-womprat-related traps.

Luke bid our heroes come up top, but said “all six”. Either he miscounted (force sensing numbers of people is inexact), recognized the grouping and assumed everyone was present, or sensed the assailant as well. Thing is, the assailant didn’t know which it was either, so she attacked with her lightsaber, while wearing a blursuit, attacked Luke from behind with surprise, and wounded him in the torso. (Living was kind of impressive, under the circumstances.)

An inconclusive battle followed, where our heroes managed to drive off this assassin as Vader was arriving, then managed to delay Vader long enough to get to Luke’s X-wing.

While the Derriphan can make atmospheric entry, she lacks repulsors and has a poor aerodynamic profile for atmospheric flight. Nevertheless, the ship held up long enough for Luke’s X-wing (with the party on the skids, mostly without space suits) to dock.

Luke received medical attention in the medical bay.

Xp awarded: 5/5 (plus 4 “learning points” for force powers, via holocron), and a force point for all.


When we last left our intrepid adventurers, they had just arrived at a space station on the edge of Chiss space.

Upon docking, they were met by, HK 74 is an “interpersonal” droid, capable of translating between Chiss and Basic. (I forget how, but you later learned it was likely HK 74 shot Argon in the head… probably, it replayed the sound clip at some point.)

The station is built around a Lucrehulk-class ship without engines. Major features include:

  • docking, repair, storage area
  • secure bank/vault and currency exchange.
  • “hotel” style temporary housing
  • Chiss consulate

The patrons are suitalbly thematically skummy… e.g., a surly Aquilush chewing spice, a family of Wookiees on the run, and other non-Chiss skum and villainy.

Along with these other generic skum, there is a traditional fist of mandalorians, led by Dxun, who was captaining the ship Narkin formerly served on.

He met Narkin on the station, and presented Narkin with a familiar lightsaber.

Han Solo learned that Jabba’s lawyer had managed to get a lien on the Millenium Falcon, which Chiss agents were honoring. Ultimately, Han sent his intended payoff to Jabba so that they’d allow the ship to leave, but this had the undesired side effect of signalling to the empire where they were.

Argon met with the local Chiss representative, and learned he was persona-non-grata in Chiss space. (He also learned his legal name, confirmed his mother’s name, etc.) Argon set up a second meeting with the consulate, to learn additional information.

  • Argon’s Chiss name(s), depending on whether one considers him a member of house Mitth: [Mitth’]sev’dalor (“Sevdal” / “Thisev”)

A “wealthy Chiss Merchant,” going by “Rasaf”, invited our heroes to dinner. He proved to be intelligent, charming, and while not exactly hostile, certainly not on their sides. This individual later revealed himself to be an Imperial Grand Admiral. (The mere confirmed existence of such an individual was quite significant.) Argon and Thrawn had a side conversation, where Thrawn took credit for Argon’s training and gave Argon a book he was in the process of authoring regarding Chiss politics and governmental structures. (It’s political philosophy.) Thrawn’s involvement helps to explain why Vader didn’t fall for the ruse, which was intended to create political entanglements between Empire and Chiss Ascendancy.

Argon later picked up his effects from the bank. They included stealth-variant ARC I trooper armor (with blue accents and leather kama), a pentagonal pyramidal holocron, and as well as his (deep red) lightsaber.

On their way back, they encountered the crazy Rattataki woman, who proved to be Ventress. She helped fill in some missing details, was vaguely creepy, and was the first somewhat-darksider they’d met who didn’t try to kill them or insist they kill each other, etc. Argon didn’t notice that she was trying to “put the moves on” him. Alana allowed Ventress to view her future (die explosion on vision), but didn’t tell Alana what she saw. They dropped Ventress off somewhere.

Eventually, our heroes got back to the Rebels, provided various info-dumps, etc.

They hadn’t been back long before the fleet was attacked from all sides by a superior imperial force and interdicted. The day was saved when Elizara plotted a (60+) hyperspace jump (almost teleport). Subsequently, they also captured two imperial vessels that attempted to follow them.

Luke did not react well to being told Vader was his father. (Noooo.) Leia reacted better. Luke stormed off. General conclusion: Ventress was more mature and better behaved, if loopy.

Some saboteur killed and impersonated someone (Mara Jade), and they managed to steal an A-wing and went after

Our session ended on a cliff-hanger: Alana waking up holding a chunk of her brain with a hole in the side of her skull, and a vision of Ventress in the mirror.

Party awarded 7/7 xp (at the beginning of next session)


Session begins with our heroes at the rendesvous point, having recently come from Hoth and “maybe Degobah”, respectively.

Following Argon’s return, he started working on building lightsabers using the crystals he brought back from parts unknown.

After nine days in hyperspace, the Chance Encounter unexpectedly dropped out of hyperspace, only to see a fortified asteroid in the hyperspace route.

The ship was neutralized by ion cannons, and a militarized tug pulled up alongside.

Narkin sought to engage the attackers— a pair of Gamorians and a Zabrack with a blaster cannon. Unfortunately, Narkin wasn’t able to raise lightsaber combat in time, and was hit by a short burst of stun bolts.

Argon approached the combat laterally, and succeeded in lobbing a thermal detonator into the enemy ship’s airlock.

Although they repulsed the tug’s initial attack, they learned that their hyperdrive had been damaged (between being pulled from hyperspace by a mass anomaly, and the numerous ion shots to the ship’s hull.)

In addition to the tug, the enemy pirates possessed a fighter cover.

Lady Bloodwing managed to convince the party to disarm and surrender. She had them placed inside a secure shipping container with a liquified cryogenic gas outside the container, after searching them. She revealed she had been in contact with the crew of the Rebel vessel led by Captian Yorr they last saw when the Dark Horse unexpectedly crashed their rendezvous, and the implication was that she had spoken with Adept Dameth.

Upon reaching the Imperial transport vessel, Lady Bloodwing theatrically bid her adieu… (in the process, almost daring them to escape).

In the general population of the prison, they soon found themselves in the company of Rebel General Cracken, of Cracken’s field guide and numerous contentious engagements.

Our heroes, along with some wet-behind-the-ears rebels and a few of Narkin’s former associates who he persuaded to play nice until the breakout, managed to determine their astrographic location, drop the ship out of hyperspace near a habitable system (Bespin), and take control of the ship.

As our heroes approached Cloud City, a familiar (and famous) voice or two was heard over the comlink. It seemed that Princess Leia and Commander Solo were having trouble docking at Cloud City. As the Falcon docked with their commendeered transport, the Executor dropped out of hyperspace near their location.

(Leia and Lord Thul had a touching moment.)

As our heroes continued to skip through hyperspace, persued by Vader’s fleet, a risky plan was hatched. Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the party would first repair the Millennium Falcon (dropping it down to a measly 0.75 hyperspace multiplier) and would lead Vader on a merry goose chase into Chiss space.

Meanwhile, the commandeered vessel would seek to make contact with the main Republic fleet, which was in grave danger following the capture and probable interrogation of Captain Yorr’s crew,

Captain Solo asked Lord Thul various questions pursuant to a romantic relationship with an Alderanean princess.

Eventually, the crew reached their destination, a station on the edge of Chiss space.

Argon recognized the station as where he grew up.

The party received 5 / 5 XP


Aware of what would happen to their economy if they were forced to compete with galactic trade etc., Denebus sought to convince some of the party, or failing that their protocol droid, to remain behind. A compromise was struck, where the party assisted in developing a “Rosetta Stone/Siri” type program.

The Vegans contacted our heroes by way of the Denebian diplomatic service, and expressed an interest in negotiations. Details were worked out such that both parties could feel relatively safe about it; they met on a remote island, and conducted the meeting aboard the Chance Encounter.

The diplomatic party included a Naval Admiral, Rames Eukov, a mysterious, stoic, dark-haired woman (Agent Besh), and a few competent aids and advisors. (She was clearly the ‘political officer,’ although perhaps only feared rather than hated by the others.)

Over bottles of a potent ethanol-water solution and various salty snacks, they tentatively discussed Vegus’s views of the diplomatic situation. They wanted to sound out what galactic politics were like (including the scope of their galactic polity), what the relations between Denebus and the greater galaxy were, and what objections there might be if Vegus and/or Denebus sought to stabilize the situation on neighboring Altrus.

During the diplomatic discussions, Tweaker, a Twi’lik communications officer with the Rebellion, contacted the party. Apparently, the Rebels had already established a far-side moon base, and the Altrusians had discovered it and were threatening to detonate a nuclear fission device if they weren’t let in.

Although they offered to drop off the diplomats, the Vegan diplomatic staff insisted on remaining aboard (after contacting their government to release the party from responsibility, should something happen).

Our heroes fired on the primitive reaction drive lunar hopper with ion cannons, disabling both the ship and warhead. Next, they drove off most of the attacking Altrusian Lunar Commandos with a hostile docking maneuver.

The Rebel base staff included Captain Piri, their commander, Tweaker, as well as a husband-and-wife pair of Sullustans (she was pregnant), and a few droids.

A hostile force-using agent of Altrus attempted to board. Agent Besh indicated he was tainted with the dark side, and was responsible for thousands of deaths.

In the conflict which ensued, the Altrusian agent attempted to use a Pain power on Narkin, and Narkin lopped off his gladius-wielding hand (at mid-forearm). It was later revealed that both Altrus and Vegus maintain a small number of force adepts, with the Vegan agents apparently light-siders and the Altrusians dark-side intelligence officers at work inside a supposed democracy.

Further diplomatic talks followed, and Captain Piri decided to stay behind to continue the talks. Denebus and Vegus had apparently reached tentative agreement on some form of long-term planetary governance, including intervention in Altrus.

The party left the system with both the Altrusian agent and Adept Dameth under medical sedation.

At their rendezvous, they found a target drone, with the “real ship” waiting some distance off. After they managed to convince them of their identities, report in, and transfer both their passengers and captives, they received scrip for 250,000 Republic Quartermaster Credits and a replacement transponder.

(They were in a heavily modified Gfroc freighter, with docking for two fighters and a pair of turrets, in return for reduced cargo capacity. The crew included a female blood-striped Corellian captain (Captain Yorr), a pair of Rodians (Hulood and his assistant), A verpine sensors operative, and a Bith medical officer, now joined by Tweaker and the Sullustan couple.)

The party joined the alliance, after a short internal discussion about the decision.

Before they could transfer the stealth Z-95 and it’s parasitic hyperdrive engine, however, they were interdicted and the Dark Horse had hyperspace jumped into their location.

Both vessels began evasively manuvering. The female Corellian pilot feigned a suicidal dive at the ray-and-particle shielded command tower of the Dark Horse, only to skip off the particle shield at the last moment.

Both vessels were able to make hyperspace jumps out, due to their relative maneuverability as compared to capital ships as well as their skilled pilots.

So, off to rendezvous with the rebels at Hoth.

Our heroes dropped out of hyperspace on the outskirts of the system only to see a large planetary ion cannon firing at a number of Star Destroyers and the SSD Executor.

Argon climbed into the wingless fuselage of the stealth fighter and piloted closer to the escaping rebel ships. He selected one of the fightercraft, as it likely wasn’t going to jump as far. (He was likely guided by the force, considering who it seems he may have followed.)

Argon had planned to rendezvous with the party one or more weeks later, and so he did…

Argon returned in a different ship (a Y-Wing) with no memory of where he’d been, bearing a note written in his own hand. The note indicated he’d volunteered to have his memory altered, and that they should rendezvous with the Rebel fleet back at Aquillus.

Also included was a sheepskin for Narkin, and five force crystals (non-red). “Argon’s” crystal was a deep blue. (Hopefully the rest of the party wrote down the colors they selected; I may have it written elsewhere.)

The party received 5 / 5 XP


Our heroes finished stocking up on supplies, and determined that they’d completed all of the necessary external work on their vessel, the Chance Encounter (nee Gold Badger).

They discussed the job they’d been hired to perform by, they assume, the Rebel Alliance, and in particular where they were supposed to go afterwards. (The rendezvous is on the outskirts of another system.)

They received a message from Dxun Ordo, a sometimes-lapsed Mandalorian and Narkin’s former shipmate, warning them to get going as their cover had been blown.

Not long afterwards, the Dark Horseman jumped in, and her captain started to broadcast Imperial orders. Before she could complete her sentence, however, the Chance Encounter jumped to hyperspace.

Narkin made reference to the fact that they were likely in the clear, as tracking ships through hyperspace is virtually impossible (without a rare force power). Elizara pointed out that there was also rare and/or theoretical (and no doubt expensive, dangerous, and finicky) technology which could accomplish something similar.

A week later, when they dropped out of hyperspace well outside of Aquillus, and sure enough, found some trace evidence that something had followed them (as corroborated by multiple examinations of the sensor logs).

Narkin maneuvered sharply, and Argon got a visual while Elizara got a good sensor scan.

Enaran ordered Argon to fire, which he did, with the ion cannons. The shot completely disabled the vessel.

Dameth attempted to play the “innocent woman over her head” card, but was called on it. Negotiations followed, but stalled.

Eventually, Dameth successfully force-leaped aboard the Chance Encounter and entered through an airlock, where she confronted Narkin and Allana with her lightsaber.

After a remark from Narkin, she somewhat pruriently proposed a patdown. Narkin complied, then attempted an Echani disarm on her. He almost succeeded, and escaped with all his fingers. Allana attacked Dameth with a fencing blade, only to have Dameth parry it in two.

Others soon arrived in the hold. Not long after, there was a tense standoff, and attempts at diplomacy, along with some rather immature-sounding darkside ranting, etc.

Narkin fired a holdout blaster (on stun), which she mostly parried, but her fingers were numbed enough to permit Argon to force-push the saber out of her hand, which Allana subsequently retrieved.

Enaran kicked out her knee, and the party generally piled on, as Narkin disabled the atmospherics on her suit and put her in a disabling helmet-assisted neck-lock.

After a discussion of what to do with her, given the difficulty in keeping her captive, they eventually stripped her out of her armored spacesuit, transferred her to the functional suit from the Gold Badger/Chance Encounter, welded her to a metal chair (for easier transport), and left her in an evacuated hold with only a trickle charge in her life support pack with a note to encourage her to enter hibernation trance. (Subsequently, they stashed her on an asteroid.) Narkin and Allana managed to swap out the crystal of the lightsaber and repair it.

Argon instructed Narkin, the party member best suited to fitting in Dameth’s shapely armored spacesuit, how to remove the wings of the stealthed Z95 and it was brought aboard.

The party found another blaster pistol, four thermal detonators, eight smaller flash-bang pucks, custom lightsaber repair tools, another astromech droid (in imperial colors), etc.

Others studied communications from the planet, and worked on the challenging languages spoken there, as well as the cultures of the three Continent-States.

The party landed on schedule, onto a prepared concrete pad, and pre-offloaded the cargo as a convoy approached. Before the convoy had ever reached them, however, two elite soldiers in chameleon-camouflage managed to slip aboard. (They were no match for Narkin with a lightsaber, and quite intimidated by his ability to deflect bullets.)

Denebus sent a drone on high-altitude high-speed flyby, and it burst communicated with the party’s ship (including a first contact package).

The military officers who arrived, however, appeared to have no interest in fair dealings, and had strong cultural and religious objections to cooperating with “space aliens”, surrendering territory on the moon, or even acknowledging the full scope of the unvierse. Instead, they demanded the surrender of the craft (which they regarded as a high-tech fake). This conflict eventually led to a hasty retreat, along with a thrown thermal detonator to guarantee they wouldn’t be salvaging the equipment.

Unfortunately, there was a nuclear device under the pre-poured concrete pad and metastable super-heavy elements in some of the technical equipment they had brought, and this resulted in a nuclear explosion which killed the troops, including a supervising member of the imperial family inside one of the armored vehicles.

Fortunately, Elizara spotted the threat from the exotic matter, if not from the undetected nuclear mine, and the party were able to raise their shields in time.

Between heretofore undetected spy satellites detecting an unidentified flying object with exotic performance characteristics landing in enemy territory, and the politically-significant nuclear deaths of prestigious citizens and soldiers, and very short time-to-decision imposed by a robust, if archaic, space-war capabilities, at least a limited nuclear exchange was inevitable.

The party headed to Denebus, in part because they seemed more civilized to start with, in part because they were invited. With their ship, and the concentrated Denebusi population, they were able to minimize loss of life (augmenting Denebus’s significant defensive capabilities).

In the aftermath, the Altrusian government had broken down, and a civil war had broken out, yet their lunar “final retort” capability still loomed overhead. (Altrus suffered the loss of their capital and emperor in one stroke, as well as a few other major cities.)

Vegus lost one major city, but not their capital.

Altogether, the total loss of life was very significant, but could be worse.

Most of the nuclear weapons used were “clean”, so the after-effects won’t be too bad, however their Low Earth Orbit is effectively inaccessible to their technology, due to all of the (sometimes-armed) space junk.

The party cleaned up the more dangerous bits, then discussed safety arrangements for a diplomatic meeting with representatives of Denebus’ government.

In the end, it was agreed that they’d meet in a public place (the courtyard of a big temple) and that two unarmed representatives would come aboard.

The second minister was reserved and diplomatic, whereas the Princess was highly demonstrative once out of sight of her citizens. (She commented on the attractiveness of the exotic near-human aliens, the rough “truck-like” state of the cargo hold, etc.)

The protocol droids and Enaran did much to smooth over relations, and soften indelicate phrases in either direction.

Narkin and others inquired whether there were any force crystals on the planet. Apart from one red crystal on another continent, they mentioned something which sounded more like Roonstones. A reception was planned in the museum where they were held, and Allana and/or Argon managed to create a Roonstone projector.

They learned that the residents of this world came by way of an off-course generation-colony ship called The Nostromo, which probably didn’t land gently.

Denebian mores were materialist and rationalist, to the point of not believing in the Force. This proved a boon in accepting the existence of off-world humans (and near-humans), but was challenging when Narkin wished to convince them that “the Naga Sadow holocron crystal is bad!”

Narkin demonstrated telekinesis under rigorous experimental conditions. Subsequently, and considering the strange deaths associated with the item over the years, they agreed to allowing Narkin to destroy it in a blast furnace.

The party received 5 / 5 XP and one force point.

  • Group flew to Spitz’ Bar and Grille and docked alongside a few other light transports
  • Sold speeder to Smithy, receiving approximately twice what they might have expected under less favorable circumstances
  • Ate real food, finally. Saw blood-striped Corellian man and dark-robed human man (Kreius)
  • Encountered one-legged Barabel at safari supply shoppe
  • encountered Rodian, Hulood, who plays Sabaac and runs a gun store. His assistant is apparently a local rebel contact.
  • Imperials sent in troops, who searched the place thoroughly. (Sneaky Argon and Alana hid up on the roof of the ship for a bit.) They found no sign of the Ratataki woman they were looking for.
  • Played Sabac in the brothel at the other end of the station, and mostly won. Players included Hulood, Kreius, (as-yet-unnamed Corellian), an ore factor, a professional gentleman gambler who wasn’t having a great go of things, and a few others who passed through the tables.
  • After Kreius, who turned out to have yellow pupils and pale bad skin, had left, the group spoke with the unnamed older Corellian man, with blood stripes, who claimed he wanted information on Kreius (related to death of CorSec special forces). Kreius is rumored to either be connected to Black Sun or the Empire. (Kreius’s ship, the Lingering Scent of Grave Soil at Midnight, appeared to be given great latitude by the imperials).
  • Alana bought a sword in such a conspicuous fashion that the party came to the attention of a Rodian contact for the Rebel alliance (apparently). Later, after a very rude bump-pass, Alana found a slip of paper with a meeting with the Rebellion.
  • The ship was repainted primer grey, the party bought new clothes and food and critical spare parts, and repaired the ship’s weapons. They reset the ship’s computer systems.
  • Party removed the torso of a protocol droid (CeeDeeOne) from where it was wired into the slave circuit. It revealed it had been placed there by a mentally disturbed Ratataki woman (who kept ranting about a woman’s voice in her head). Her insertion plan involved using the slave circuited Gold Badger, led by the droid, as a distraction while she inserted via the escape pod (launched during reentry).
  • Argon recalled a bit of his past training— something about first attaining the ability to use the force with control, then drawing on strong emotions for additional… “ump”, for things like throwing around force lightning. This led to quite a bit of discussion.
  • Party met with rebel contact (via comlink, it turned out). Additional details followed with a shipment. They want the shipment delivered inside the Cloak of the Sith, to a primitive planet, in the middle of a local desert, in three weeks time. The party’s plotted course through hyperspace will take three weeks. After this, they want the party to rendezvous three weeks later, in a system other than Rishi. This colony world has been isolated for a long time, and the only astronomical bodies visible from the world are the primary (a sun) and the moon. This world has multiple nation-states, and lacks “modern” technology— they use rapid-fire chemically propelled slug throwers and aerodynamic lift exo-atmospheric strike fighters, and have continent-sized political governance rather than a unified planetary government. Gold is valuable, and the party is to maintain the charade that they’re taking payment in (nearly worthless) gold. The party considered taking advantage of them, but feels bad about it. They’ve noted that the dark side of the tidally locked moon would be a good place for a base.

Total XP awarded to date, inclusive of this session — 15/ 15 (5/5 to start, 5/5 for last session, 5/5 for this session)


Character creation/concept discussion/ etc.

Everyone wakes up on Kamino, and makes their way (out of medical tubes which were hit with light sabers, past the cut-down medical droid, by the burning/collapsing classrooms, etc.) They see basically nobody but themselves.

Many of the systems of the Gold Badger aren’t working, are locked up, or both.

The empire hailed them, and ordered them to heave to or be shot down by TIEs. Narkin managed to bluff them while Elizara figured out where they could perform a microjump.

They microjumped from Kamino’s planet-satellite L1 Lagrange point, and were able to execute the stored long-distance jump.

They found numerous fun clues on board, including signs of someone practicing lightsaber combat and a general lack of food. The ship has a slave circuit rigged to a protocol droid head.

When they got to Rishi, they learned that a heavily wanted 50-something Ratataki woman likely flew the Gold Badger to Rishi Maze and trashed the place.

Kickoff / Kamino Sunrise email

(Character creation session in Natick on 2015-03-22 at 14:00.)

You awoke naked into confusion, the sound of alarm klaxons, the smell and taste of Bacta. Flashing red lights strobed intermittently, through the darkness and smoke, filtering through the cracked transparent aluminum medical cylinder.

Half-naked, groggy, and confused you follow the emergency lighting down steel-grate-lined corridors. You pass what look like medical bays, classrooms, gymnasiums, and shooting ranges — all on fire, or collapsing into the roiling sea below.

You can clearly remember who you are, what your life was like, where you were going— but your body seems strangely too young [or too fully grown, depending], and it will soon become apparent that you’ve slept for many years.

Eventually, you and other apparent test subjects / medical patients / stasis travelers reach an all-but-empty hanger with a single light freighter and an astromech droid. [The name of the vessel is the Golden Badger; it is painted black with a pair of broad bronzeish-gold racing stripes.]

After take-off, as your body finishes flushing the last of the drugs from your system, and you and your fellow passengers examine your meager resources, you all have to decide where to go next.

(Characters date from before ABY 1, i.e., Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Play starts in ABY 3, roughly a year before Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.)

Everyone is encouraged to play force adepts, likely a Padawan, Rogue force user, or (clone of a) deceased Jedi. (You can’t play a darksider, unless you plan to be heavily reformed.)

We will be using Adrian’s modified West-End rules (i.e., not D20).

For now, just work on your concept (and email me any questions.)


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