Captain Spitz

A greying, larger-than-usual wookiee male with a belt and baldric


The dark hair of this “silverback” wookiee has already started to go grey. In addition to being taller than average, for a wookiee, years behind bar have taken their toll to his waistline. Still, as many a bar tale will attest, he still fast and deadly with blaster carbine, bowcaster, or vibroblade.

Often, he wears his “captain’s hat”


Following a comedy of errors and a life-debt, Spitz’zaa’grem found himself involved in piracy. He later managed to turn this around into privateering against the CIS during the galactic civil war, receiving a pardon (and amassing a sizable nest egg) for his actions against CIS shipping. He rolled these gains into a small but profitable smuggling enterprise, and used the profits to liberate his people where he could. (He was never connected to the smuggling operation, and more importantly, always stayed a few moves ahead of Imperial Intelligence.)

In recent years, “Captain Spitz” has been tending bar in a remote Rim system, aboard a ship-station which bears his name.

His Orbot protocol droid and chief waiter, V-120, is called ‘Vizo’ by regulars.

Captain Spitz

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