Lady Bloodwing

Notorious human female cyborg pirate


Lady Bloodwing is a physically fit human female approaching early middle age. Her left arm is an obvious cybernetic replacement. While certainly not comicly under-dressed, she favors flashy and revealing clothing and carries a lot of weapons. She prefers to keep her hair short and dyed blue and/or green.

She speaks with a Mando’a accent.

In boarding operations, she might be seen in her red-and-black armored vac suit, with a barbute-like helmet that resembles a traditional Mandalorian helm..

Her face is recognizable from wanted posters posted around spaceports in the Abrion sector.


Although a notorious, and successful, pirate, the self-styled “Lady Bloodwing” is not known for excessive casualties. This, coupled with stories of what happens when “someone tries to be a hero”, has contributed to her longer-than-average and profitable career.

Her crew are a mix of humans, rodians, nickto, barabell, and a mixed team of neimoidians and jawas in technical support roles.

She typically works an outer sector for a few months to a few years, then moves on before the heat can track her down.

Lady Bloodwing

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