• Adept Dameth

    Adept Dameth

    Young human female with (dyed) red hair, very pale skin, and warpaint
  • Adept Kreius

    Adept Kreius

    Human male, often hooded, yellow eyes, bad skin
  • Admiral Bast

    Admiral Bast

    Muscular auburn-haired human woman, approximately 40 years of age, long vertical facial scar passing through the eye
  • Agent Besh

    Agent Besh

    Stoic Vegan special officer
  • Captain Macha

    Captain Macha

    Dark-haired female human imperial captain
  • Captain Piri

    Captain Piri

    Mon Calamari female
  • Captain Spitz

    Captain Spitz

    A greying, larger-than-usual wookiee male with a belt and baldric
  • Captain Yorr

    Captain Yorr

    Blond human female Corellian captain/pilot
  • Dr. Bute Fache

    Dr. Bute Fache

    Tall, slim, wiry Arkanian male with six fingers per hand and two nipples per breast
  • Duchess Jehanne Thul

    Duchess Jehanne Thul

    Enaran's doting mother
  • Duke Urien Thul XII

    Duke Urien Thul XII

    Enaran's cynical father
  • Dxun Ordo

    Dxun Ordo

    Armored Mandalorian male
  • Hulood


    Rodian male, with green skin and a blue ship's suit
  • Lady Bloodwing

    Lady Bloodwing

    Notorious human female cyborg pirate
  • Obed Sheparn

    Obed Sheparn

    Older gray-haired Corellian man who has blood stripes
  • Rames Eukov

    Rames Eukov

    Vegan Admiral