Kamino Sunrise


People they got out of tubes:

  • Jango Fett (clone, w/ memories; not last 6 mo. of Jango’s life, remembers Argon’s mom, now looking for his son.)
  • Palpatine Clone (eaten by the hyperdrive)
  • Argon 2.0 (“Xenon”)
  • Alana 2.0
  • Elizara 2.0 (now working with Incom/ the Alliance)
  • Enaran 2.0 (rivalrous?)
  • Master Plo Kunn
  • Master Mace WIndu (withered, old)
  • Master Quinlan Voss
  • (Civilian “east-Asian” woman, painter/artist)
  • Master Sypho Dias (sp, brain dead)
  • Clone of Falon Grey (X3, not doing super well)

Captain Macha ostensibly joined the Rebellion, assuming she didn’t run off with Jango Fett. Other members of her senior crew also defected.

XP: 8/8


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