Kamino Sunrise


Play begins where it left off, with our heroes meeting with Admiral Bast on a dedicated diplomatic-appointed Lambda class shuttle.

The party presented information on the Antediluvian threat, on which Bast claimed to be poorly briefed. Bast, it turned out, had not destroyed Ossus or Nal Hutta.

Bast bore an anachronistic projectile weapon at her hip, which she claimed was a gift.

Bast revealed that while they had been talking, Imperial forces had ambushed and encircled the Alliance fleet.

Bast contacted Thrawn, who pointed out that the party may wish to apply to the Chiss for citizenship.

Apparently, Thrawn and Vader decided the Emperor would really like to be the new best friend of the Antediluvians, because Vader/Anakin contacted Narkin telepathically, and revealed the location of Byss as the Emperor’s secret self-cloning facility.

Considering their problems, the party decided to seek out the Katana fleet. They found it, as well as Talon Kardde. (Dameth offered to lead Kardde to a treasure, as payment. Also, it was her ticket out of the limelight.) Finally, Kardde provided contact information for Garm Bel Iblis.

The party contacted Iblis, and he proposed meeting “at the Professor’s cousin’s estate”.

There, they found Lando, Garm, Wedge, and Soontir Fel, and discussed possible approaches. There were various enslaved alien populations, scattered groups of rebels, etc… between them all, they may be able to get the 100,000s of needed trained personnel to man a fleet to make an attack on Byss.

They wanted to contact the Gree, and they knew of a thousand-year-old Gree droid waiting in a now-abandoned diplomatic area on Corrousant. They waited until the Emperor was out of town, and sought to travel with protective darkside camoflage. (Ventress appeared after her name was spoken, and requested a boon from Soontir’s firstborn.)

Ventress was last seen fighting dark acolytes and storm troopers.

The valet who brought he party to Corrousant aboard a luxury vessel, and his astromech droid, were known to Lord Thul. This individual mentioned they knew the location of survivors from the jedi/apprentices Thul saved.

Free droid, present for hundreds of years / thousands of years.

Has hologram of old Narkin on it…

8/8— xp


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